Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Formal Introduction of FRIDAY MUSIC DAY!!!!

(above is the daily drawing nonsense)

More often than not, If I'm awake then i am also listening to music. I listen to a fair amount of different genres, but I tend to listen to music with strong melodies and hooks. I also love listening to albums - all of the way through and I have a thing about listening to a song 3 times all the way though before i decide that i don't like it. It goes without saying that my family hates my music listening habits.

anyway today I will share something very dear to my heart. It's a song by Clem Snide, a fairly obscure band that has never really gotten very popular. The song was used as the opening to the TV show "Ed" and it's called "Moment In The Sun". I think it should pretty much be a song that most people would instantly like, but just in case it's not you might want to follow my advice and give it 3 listens

Moment In The Sun (Radio Edit) - Clem Snide

If you like it, then you will most likely enjoy the rest of the album (and probably most other songs by the band). "The Ghost of Fashion" is by far their best album, and It's definitely one of my favorite albums of the last decade.
Listen to it on Last FM .

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