Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Activity Week" at HARVEY JAMES

This Week has been "Activity Week" over that Harvey James' blog. (located here ) I did the last 4 today on the last day of my free 30 day trial of Adobe Illustrator. Here are my entries so far...

How could you love someone more than ELO? I don't think I love anyone as much as I love Mr.Blue Sky or Living Thing.

Basically in the future, I become Ray Davies.

A very Sexy girl!

YES it's True!, Ted Danson once took me into his spaceship and forced me to watch re-runs of "Cheers"!

Someone drew all of these guys licking ice cream, which i thought was genius. So, the only way i could beat it was if all the guys were kissing ADMIRAL ACKBAR!!!

I rushed it though (I mean look at it... It's not even finished) but it's the thought that counts right?

This was the first drawing which was obviously made using a different technique. I was trying to make them really, really weird and ugly but I think Ringo is the only one that came out right.

Now, Go and Do some of these yourself!!!

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